3 November 2018, Fossa’s unplanned final appearance …..

We take Fossa Ford Anglia trackside Saturday morning, From the first start she does not quite want to co-operate. Documentation done, scrutineering done.

Fossa Ford Anglia lined up for qualifying Pic: Annalie

Fossa Ford Anglia lined up for qualifying Pic: Annalie

We head out for qualifying. It is immediately apparent I was wasting my time with the sidedrafts. Those things take true specialist setting up on probably a dyno, money and time which I did not have. That 36DCD offering instant response and nice high rpm’s, Fossa pulling like a dream.


Two evenings before race day we discover a collapsed left hand front spring. I adjust the chain limiting her movement and have a temporary not ideal resolve. Having taken Fossa for yet another wheel alignment session, she seems a bit more in control and I look forward to an exceptional race …… Then a strange noise, first I could not determine where that was coming from, questions start racing through my head, bearings, no, oil pressure is fine …… As I slack down heading back to the pits, Fossa backfires continuously under deceleration. Quite loud, I think to myself, if that is the noise I am hearing from inside the cabin all the way from the exhaust she must be incredibly loud outside …  Come to a stop inside the pits … open the bonnet to find number four exhaust branch pipe completely broken through as if cut … And a glance around shows her catch tank full of oil. Fossa’s swan song final race never happens.