2018, Passion for Speed, Zwartkops Raceway

Annalie our tea-m manager and me have taken leave for Thursday through to Monday. Thursday after dropping the “Roach” off at work we head to Zwartkops Raceway, Fossa Ford Anglia in tow ….

On arrival we do the necessary documentation and scrutineering. A BECT from the Chicane Lounge and with the Kyalami problem sorted, I reinstall the side drafts …. Target off the day achieved, we head home.


Friday morning, repeat, drop the “Roach” off, head to the track. Check all the vitals, head out on track, three laps in “Kyalami” challenge returns. Power loss and I coast Fossa Fossa into the pits. Not knowing the cause much chance to do anything I tamper here and there, replacing perfect looking fuel filters ….. etc. Fossa starts first try.

Not hoping for too much, we head out to qualify. Two laps done, Fossa is car down again and I only just make it to the bottom of the pits. Fossa refuses to start and we are stranded downhill from our pit ….

Eventually we have Fossa back in her pit. Course of action, well we know we are running the carburettors dry. Head off to a nearby spares shop, buy a new battery, just in case, some rolls of cable and a length of fuel hose …. Head back to the track. I replace the cabling powering the fuel pumps and ignition system. Head home ….


Saturday morning. We are scheduled for the first race. Arrive trackside at 05h00, first task, replace the fuel line. Now we can only trust it will solve the challenge.

Race one: A few competitors decide not to go out as it is raining. This delays our start as well. We get the green flag and head out. Having run Zwartkops in the extreme wet with success before, for some or other reason I do not feel that brave. Maybe it was a good choice as there were a few spills out front with us having to take evasive action as our route was suddenly altered by a car parked across the track. During the race we are overtaken by a light blue Volvo (driven by an Irish gent?) under double waved yellows. Maybe they have different rules. A question that has to be asked is just how is it that a Mk2 Escort is allowed on track with the Pre66 Little Giants? What is going to be next? In my view it has damaged the image of the series.

At least Fossa Ford Anglia completes the race with no fueling problems.

Race two: We head out on a much drier track. Improved lap times indicates a trust in the traction offered to the rubber binding us to the track. I am surprised as I expected quite a few cars to pass and a challenge from the Kelly/ Botha MG. Highest priority, Fossa finishes the second race problem free. Of the ten competitors in class we manage a fourth overall for the day.

The immediate future. The next race is scheduled for Redstar Raceway on the 11th of March. A different challenge though, attempting to start Fossa two weeks ago had her wiring in her engine bay catch on fire. A quick fix is probably possible, but a total rewire is on the cards in the future …… ‘Till next time, cheers

2018 … we are here!!

With Passion for Speed less than one week away …..

The Kyalami mystery: Arriving home Fossa was behaving herself perfectly. Completed a leak down test, passed perfectly. No unusual engine noise, test passed. Oil pressure normal, passed.

Zwartkops trackday, we are supposed to do our HTP’s for 2018, but the gent who never pitches ….. With the guys from the Historic Tour doing their HTP’s, a Renault belonging to Phil Webb pulls in next to us. Was awesome to meet after an absence by Phil. Stint one, two / three laps in and Kyalami repeats, sudden loss of power ….. coast back into our spot. Open the 36DCD to find no fuel in the float chamber. The search is on for the cause.  Check fuel pumps, do not seem to pump as they should. Fuel filters checked and swopped despite looking clean …. Track the electrical supply line, one connection looks slightly lose, oh well, fix and go out again.

Fossa Ford Anglia does a perfect ten laps ……… Problem sorted?

Fossa is loaded and we head home, the decision to enter Passion for speed made …..

Goodbye 2017….

… it’s been a good year.

An improved experience at Kyalami. The security officials seemed to know what, when, where and why. More streamlined. That is our experience …. Took Fossa trackside on the Friday. Completed our documentation and scrutineering. It was our first visit to the main pits. I feel the ventilation was greatly improved with the large back entry. The pits our side filled to what can only be over capacity, and I started to miss the secondary pits. I know Kyalami does not have F1 grading, it would however have been interesting to see how it the pits would work space wise.

Saturday morning on our post nice and early, This time we introduce some newbies to our world. Tea-m Manger, Annalie’s sister and brother attend a race for their first time. Did they like it? Generally, that can be measured with return visits. Wessel proves quite jacked with his camera.

Fossa Ford Anglia Photo credit: Wessel Naude

Fossa Ford Anglia Photo credit: Wessel Naude

Nothing spectacular to report, qualifying and race one go off without a hitch. Race two, three laps in, sudden loss of oil pressure and engine power have me crawling off track at the secondary pits and heading directly for the trailer park. Pity, in race one Fossa set a better lap time than a newbie running a “modern” Alfa. I was looking forward continuing where we left off 😉

Fossa Ford Anglia on two wheels

Fossa Ford Anglia on two wheels

We are still to remove Fossa’s engine to determine the reason behind the failure.

10 December, prize giving at Zwartkops Raceway, the team nets a first in class and a third in Little Giants of the 9Hour.

2017 Trophies

2017 Trophies

It’s been a busy and exciting year. The plan is to be back at the Passion for Speed, January 2018!