Fossa Ford Anglia, the swan song, 3 November 2018

The time has come for Fossa Ford Anglia’s final race. Six and a half years, 🙁 ….

We have been in the fortunate position to race from a very scary first race in July 2012 with appearances at Zwartkops Raceway, Kyalami, Midvaal, Redstar and Dezzi Raceway.

We are very grateful for the opportunities experienced, the awesome racing and the odd dice with our slower Anglia and me, the slower driver. We have seen cars start at the bottom rising through the classes as they and their drivers improved. We have seen the decline of competitors in our classes and spectators.

The total cost of motor racing. The unreliability of service providers which also do not come free, in whose hands you put your car, yourself and fellow competitors, the reason for all the DIY. The solo maintenance and repairs is really not fun anymore. For years other priorities and projects have taken a back seat, and the odd trip to a peaceful dam somewhere …



A final all out service, tuning etc, and coming Saturday 3 November will be all out, balls to the wall racing with nothing to lose. Hou vas my bier, laat ek jou wys wat hierdie Anglia kan doen ….. Listen for some moaning of those semi’s.

I will keep Fossa as a road car and slowly at my leisure do some needed “repairs” and improvements and on completion plan to run her at four track days a year. I will keep the website active for another two or so years with the odd updates on ol’ faithful, Fossa Ford Anglia.

To all our supporters, thanks, it was much appreciated, thanks a lot! It was fun and we will miss it. To all our fellow competitors, thanks for the camaraderie!! Cheers friends, will keep an eye on you at some of the cheaper events!

Special thanks to my wife for making all of this possible as sponsor, often mechanic and chief supporter.

Thanks to my son for the late nights …

Thanks both for your role playing as photographers for our website and lasting memories.

Regards, Fossa Ford Anglia – The Star, Annalie – The Tea-m Manager and Chief Sponsor, Chris – The Roach and Chris – The Driver.

Zwartkops Raceway, 29 September, Historic Tour, round 6

Arriving early Saturday morning, settling quickly, documentation and scrutineering completed we ready for our first of two qualifying sessions. Managed to get the wheel alignment done, as per the technician, “must have been a bitch to control”. Was she really that far out?

Pre66 Little Giants Qualify and I am wondering how the wheel alignment is going to effect her handling. Initially she feels tricky but I seem to get used to it …. ? We only manage a best lap of 01:30.057

Pursuit Racing Qualify session we get a better lap of 01:29.450, I seem to get more “used” to that wheel alignment.

Pre66 Little Giants race one. And again I get more used to the alignment. I am placed just behind the Alfa of Louis. The Alfa and Fossa quite balanced over all with the Alfa fast on the straights and Fossa fast in the corners. Best lap 1:26.862

Pursuit Racing race one, To avoid breaking out as in our races at Midvaal, we nominate a time lower than our qualifying time, closer to our best lap time setting our target high. Fossa starts acting loose again ….. As is the way with the event it offers a lot of competitive catching. Best lap 1:27.729

Fossa Ford Anglia

Fossa Ford Anglia

Pre66 Little Giants race two, pretty much a repeat of race one, excluding the guys starting behind us due to not finishing race one and a “sleeper”, not arriving on time for the start of the race. Fossa becoming so a challenge herself with her handling, pulling in on the inside of Louis’s Alfa at a corner it feels as if Fossa’s back end wants to flip over. A first for us, racing with the under two liters, despite a worse lap time working very hard behind the wheel, we manage to only just not get lapped. Best lap 1:27.140

Pursuit Racing race two. Some more extreme fun racing with the Pursuit Racing guys. We manage not to breakout of our lap time, but our nominated time, a carefully calculated time, a bit too ambitious for a win. Fossa’s alignment have gone completely haywire. The bolts locking the settings not tightened properly. Our best lap, 1:27.300

Fossa’s next race, Historic Tour, Zwartkops Raceway, 3 November.

Rewiring ….. and one week to go to another double race …..

Hi, the wiring kit Annalie ordered for Fossa arrived and the installation process started. Initially I wanted to retain the old wiring harness for reference purposes, removing this as a unit was proving rather difficult to impossible without removing the roll cage and the roof lining. The removal of the old cabling showed many more prior damaged cables and testing the ignition switch gave intermittant contact. Maybe this last short circuit was the final straw. Another two days was wasted attempting to follow that route for installation an alternative was going to be the only option. The quality of the kit seems extremely good ….. The supplier in South Africa was very helpfull in attempts to resolve some issues and some had to be resolved diy. Then there is still one or two circuits that does not seem to work, maybe it is just that I am not an auto electrician.

Fossa Ford Anglia, the chaos starts

Fossa Ford Anglia, the chaos starts

Well days later everything that I need and more is working.

Fossa Ford Anglia, once again ready for action

Fossa Ford Anglia, once again ready for action

Sometimes Fossa Ford Anglia just demand attention, a while back we discovered that her Weber carburettors are not fully opening and to scratch that from the to do list we looked at improving the setup to discover the cable frayed with only one strand hanging on … Well all done and Fossa sounds mean …. Only remaining issue is the wheel alignment I wanted to have done, the opportunity for that lost due to a call out for work due to an unacceptable lack of communication and ……

29 September, Historic Tour, round 6, Zwartkops Raceway. We have entered two events again, the Pre66 Legends Little Giants and the Pursuit race …… Let’s try for another second and not to break out in the Pursuit race 😉

See you there!!