Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, a week to go

On 21 October Kyalami re-opens for racing. On 23 October Fossa Ford Anglia will take to the track for her first race on this revamped historical venue. The weekend has secured more than 400 race entries!

Fossa has been serviced and prepped. The only remaining items on my to do list. Fit a exhaust “catcher” for Carel, our scrutineer and then wash and wax. The music level for Kyalami is 112db ….  Everybody is complaining that Fossa is to quiet …. Maybe just remove part of the exhaust 😉

The final program has been made available. Fossa’s appearances:

Practice: 22 October 2016, 17:50 -18:10

Qualifying: 23 October 2016, 07:55 – 08:10

Race 1: 23 October 2016, 10:30, 6 Laps

Race 2: 23 October 2016, 16:00, 6 Laps

Legends of the 9 Hour, the GRID …. I have sorted the entries, putting class by class …. What a field! Including some real legends! An extremely diverse field, expect a big speed differential between Fossa and the front runners with them coming into their element with their design, power plants and those nice straights!


Car No: Class Name Entrant/Sponsor Vehicle Model
1 8 ISP A Roman de Beer Genie Racing Lola
2 25 ISP A Franco Scribante Franco Scribante Chevron
3 3 ISP B Shayne Frost Shayne Frost Porsche
4 61 ISP B David Hoal David Hoal Chevron B61
5 969 ISP B Keegan Campos Campos Transport Porsche RSR
6 20 ISP C Fred de Kock Hendok Porsche RSR
7 78 ISP C Colin Clay SP Racing Datsun 240Z
8 116 ISP C George Avvakoumides George Avvakoumides Porsche 911 RSR
9 56 SGT/ISP C Nick Parrott Nick Parrott Porsche Carrera
10 16 ISP CAT 5 Mike Schmidt Mike Schmidt Ford Capri
11 7 ISP CAT 5 Willie Hepburn Willie Hepburn Ford Capri
12 ISP CAT 5 Derek Boy Derek Boy Chev CanAm
13 54 ISP Fred Konig Fred Konig Porsche
14 14 SGT A Mark du Toit TAR Lola
15 4 SGT B Warren Lombard Warren Lombard Cobra 289
16 18 SGT B Jonathan du Toit TAR Daytona Coupe
17 135 SGT E Franco Resca Cool Shirt MG
18 11 SGT D Ben van der Westhuizen Ben van der Westhuizen Maurader
19 31 SGT D Allan Garrow Allan Garrow Cobra 289
20 12 COC AN Other TAR Camaro
21 88 COC Hennie Groenewald SP Racing Mercury Comet
22 111 COC Thomas Falkiner Thomas Falkiner Mustang GT
23 9 COC Ben Morgenrood Ben Morgenrood Ford Ford Mustang
24 104 ZA Paolo Cavalieri Pablo Clark Racing Ford Galaxie
25 83 ZB Colin Ellison ATE Brake Systems Alfa
26 1 U2 Laurence Davies Laurence Davies Alfa Romeo
27 5 U2 John Simpson John Simpson Alfa
28 7 U2 Shaun Cabrita Scuderia Cabrita Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti
29 32 U2 Marc Miller Marc Miller Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
30 141 U2 Carel Pienaar SP Racing Lotus Cortina
31 125 U2 Alan Poulter Alan Poulter Volvo
32 168 U2 Trevor Tuck Trevor Tuck Alfa Romeo
33 223 U2 Patrick Gearing Patrick Gearing Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
34 225 U2 Rob Gearing Patrick Gearing Alfa Romeo Ti Super
35 226 U2 Dino Scribante Dino Scribante Porsche 911 RSR
36 227 U2 Francesco Lombardi Francesco Lombardi Alfa Romeo
37 251 U2 Roger Houston Roger Houston Alfa Romeo
38 300 U2 Mike O’Sullivan Mike O’Sullivan BMW 2000
Little Giants
39 22 SGT D Shannon Winterstein Shannon Winterstein Lotus 23
40 144 E Les McLeod Mr Clean MG
41 15 F Ishmael Baloyi Ishmael Baloyi GSM Dart
42 33 F Josh Dovey Josh Dovey Austin Healey Sprite
43 51 F Stephen Brits Stephen Brits MGB
44 186 F Keith van Heerden Keith van Heerden Jaguar
45 201 F Chad Ten Doeschate Chad Ten Doeschate GSM Dart
46 912 G Clive Winterstein Clive Winterstein Porsche 356
47 44 V Chris Carlisle-Kitz Chris Carlisle-Kitz Ford
48 82 V Eddie Botes Eddie Botes Austin Mini Cooper
49 36 W Brad Woolley Locost SA Ford Cortina
50 61 W Vic Campher Vic Campher Volvo
51 47 W Frank Copping Frank Copping Renault R8
52 221 W Robin Clarke PIRI PIRI Racing MG Magnette
53 277 W Gary Stacey Gary Stacey Ford Cortina
54 777 U Chris Visagie Chris Visagie Anglia

More than fifty shades of entries!!!

I was really hoping for some more Legends and especially class U entries. We can only trust that Fossa and driver will deliver. That will have us play with Clive Winterstein’s Porsche and if Fossa (and driver) really step up keep a class V competitor in sight. That only time will tell! 

All in all, the Kyalami Motorsport Festival, 21 Oct 2016 – 23 Oct 2016 an event NOT TO BE MISSED! An extremely full program with the action starting with the first practice session Friday 07:00.


Fossa at Zwartkops ..

Venue: Zwartkops

Date: 8th October 2016

Event: Historic Tour

At dawn, the team slowly makes its way to the location for the day, Zwartkops. Nerves have got the best of everyone. No one knows what the day will unfold. We have all been impressed with Fossa’s performance at the previous events. We can only believe that it will keep improving as we keep trying out different methods, technically, so as to ensure that she performs at her peak level in 2016 with 1960 technology.

Fossa sizing out her competition Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa sizing out her competition Pic: Petrus Motsoko

At they go out for their qualifier rounds, Fossa sizes up her competition. Driver is also nervous as he has no idea what Fossa will be doing on the track. Eventually the cars come back into the pits having completed their qualifiers. Now we eager to hear what the driver has to tell us about Fossa’s performance, “Well she is driving fine, but I had no brakes.” Then as the crew, we immediately got to work, jacking up Fossa to bleed the brakes while waiting for the results for the qualifiers.
After getting the air bubbles out of Fossa’s system, we received news that Fossa actually did very well on the qualifiers despite her lack of brakes.

Fossa pulling out of the pits for her first heat   Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa pulling out of the pits for her first heat Pic: Petrus Motsoko

With Fossa now all prepped up and shiny, she pulls out of the pits for the first heat. The times could only keep improving now that we have fully operational brakes. Fuel tanks is full, oil is on the right level as well as water. Chris holds nothing as he and Fossa do a good job keeping the competition at bay.

Fossa can be seen coming hot around the corner   Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa can be seen coming hot around the corner Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Just to prove how tough it was, Fossa was always coming hot around the corner, as the competition was looking for any opportunity to pass Fossa by. Chris did a great job piloting Fossa around Zwartkops, at high speeds while managing to stay on the grey stuff as some people ended up going off-roading as sights of dust were a common trend through-out the day.

Three wheels on the road   Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Three wheels on the road Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa sometimes came around the corner with only three wheels on the road surface. To us that’s a sign that Fossa as well as the driver, Chris, are no synchronized and focused on delivering a good performance. The lap times keep on improving and the smiles on our faces keep on getting bigger.

The cars come back into the pits     Pic: Petrus Motsoko

The cars come back into the pits Pic: Petrus Motsoko

The vehicles can be seen coming back into the pits after a very tight battle on the track. No driver was holding back. Seeing that its almost the end of the season,, drivers want to score maximum scores so as to improve their positions on the leader board.
We then give Fossa some TLC and let her rest before the final heat for the day. Everyone is feeling good today as everything was working well. Fossa stayed together for the entire event. Nothing broke down.

Soon it was time for the last heat. The driver and machine were all ready and we were sure that they would do their best. So we wished them luck, and saw them off. It was clear that they meant serious business.

Fossa showing the competition a thing or two    Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa showing the competition a thing or two Pic: Petrus Motsoko

We were in the spectator sections cheering the team on as they put on a good performance keeping the competition at bay.

Fossa continuing to showing the competition a thing or two    Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa continuing to showing the competition a thing or two Pic: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa kept this performance up the whole race    Pic:  Petrus Motsoko

Fossa kept this performance up the whole race Pic: Petrus Motsoko

The competition really tried, but they could not overcome Fossa’s pace. She was on another level with this event. We were all speechless and very much impressed. We might not have physically timed Fossa but we knew for sure that her lap times were much lower than earlier in the day.

As the day reached its end, we loaded Fossa onto her trailer, and went for the prize giving. We clapped for people who went to collect their various trophy’s. Eventually the announcers got to our category, and our team was called to come and collect its prize.

Fossa & Chris   Pics: Petrus Motsoko

Fossa & Chris Pics: Petrus Motsoko

We managed to get a 2nd Position prize in our category. Congratulations go out to the Pit Crew, Chris and Fossa. It was definitely a job well-done. We will continue to work together to see to it that Fossa performs at her peak always.


Zwartkops Raceway, 08 October 2016, Historic Tour

Another event completed successfully. How to define successfully. On our road to historic racing, success means:

1, Bringing Fossa home in one piece, 2, with fun had, 3, with all her mechanical’s still in reusable condition, 4, ready to race again, 5, and with more lessons learned to apply in future races.

Using the above scale, this event was a “5”.

Petrus Motsoko from Total SA applying a coat of polish and bringing the Total logo to a nice shinePetrus Motsoko from TOTAL SA applying a coat of polish and bringing the Total logo to a nice shine

I had some plans prior to the race. One of which was to not hold back and wait for things to happen, yes sure I am a slow learner, but to go to the action.

Qualifying. I had a feeling the brakes were not up to scratch after taking Fossa from the scrutineering bay. That is however a difficult call as she has in the past given that impression and then have perfectly nice brakes in action. Heading out on track, I take it easy, putting some heat in her semi’s and lightly feeling the brakes. Then the first hot lap, I find she does not want to rev in her usual smooth way to 7000rpm, rather feeling as if she has a rev limiter fitted topping out on the high 5000 to low 6000’s. Then the fun, getting to corner two applying brakes to realise the gearbox and engine is going to have to help! Second gear and twitch of her tail. Despite the brake challenge we run a respectable  01:30.33.

Back in our pit, the gloves comes off and the brakes is quickly bled.

The race in pictures taken from our GoPro. Race one.

We are bundled nicely and it is the first time I actually see the red lights go out




For a while we run with the Austin while the rest of the field gradually disappear .. Behind me the Alfa of Jaco Taylor Snr and flashes of Mel Spur’s 315 Ford Consul. Unfortunately Mel withdraws to due to a technical issue.


Jaco’s Alfa passing us with just over a half lap to go …

Race two


The Austin and the Alfa at the start of race two


I manage to pass the Alfa in corner three, but the Austin starts to build a nice gap


Brian Rowlings Ford Anglia not completing race one catch up and pass as Jaco Taylor Snr’s Alfa pulls up next to us


Corner five, Brian takes a tighter line and we manage to follow through


For a little while I manage to keep Brian’s Anglia sight which is slowly pulling me closer to the Austin. A glance in the mirror, it appears that Mel and Jaco is keeping each other busy with a slight gap, not that there is any moment of rest. Then a safety car so that they can remove a car that has retired in a unsafe spot.


All gaps created are zeroed, and soon after Mel pass me. I follow for a while and am passed by Jaco’s Alfa with just over a half lap to go.



The change in strategy made our race much more exiting with some acceptable lap times, 1:29.06 in race one and a 1:29.41 in race two. It was also a learning curve looking at the pro’s racing lines. Two or three wrong gear choices made, but that’s the way to learn.

One has to comment and congratulate Zwartkops Raceway with it’s cleanliness!!  This was really appreciated, thanks.


Next event, Kyalami Motorsport Festival, 21 – 23 October. Our schedule there has changed to a practice session late Saturday afternoon, qualifying Sunday morning followed by an early morning race and a late afternoon race. This will also test a different Total oil!

See you there!!!