Fossa Ford Anglia, 2014

2014 Pre 66 Legends Calender,

31 Jan/1 Feb – Zwartkops Raceway International
7/8 Feb – Cape Town International

Feb – Traxday
15 March – Midvaal Raceway
12 April – Zwartkops Raceway

May – Traxday
7 June – Zwartkops Raceway
12 July – Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
16 Aug – Phakisa Freeway

Aug – Traxday

Sept – Traxday
11 Oct – Zwartkops Raceway
8 Nov – Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
13 Dec – East London Grand Prix Circuit

Dec – Traxday

The above events in red are part of the series for 2014 that we can not attend. We do however want to do a Phakisa Freeway one year …. We will try and fill in our blanks with Traxdays at either Zwartkops Raceway or Midvaal Raceway pending costs and possible visitors. With our last event on the 8th of November it is once again going to be a long stretch to our next event in 2015 ….. That is a long way off and I suppose we must get there first? The East London event also looks too tempting with a short holiday prospect. Will have to save up a lot for that one!

There will be a lot of water to run into the sea before then and so many exciting events and happenings before then.

Zwartkops Raceway have not yet made available their Super Trax day dates for 2014, but seriously looking forward to the early morning excursions to our second home, sometimes icy cold and a few hours before the sun shows it’s head, always with a muffin and hot coffee to warm our freezing hands. The super white of Fossa glaring in the fluorescent lights of Zwartkops pits. The sound of the torque wrench confirming the tightness of Fossa’s wheels. The smell of hot oil, tires and brakes.

What else will 2014 deliver ….. Will Fossa’s hardware be reliable …. What will our lap times look like with our still untested differential ….. Will there be a class change for us with skill and setup improvements ….

The Little Giants classes as per lap times at Zwartkops Raceway –

Class W – 1:20.01 > 1:24.00

Class V – 1:24.01 > 1:27.00

Class U – 1:27.01 +

With our best unofficial time of 1:27.46 and best official time of 1:29.961 around Zwartkops we are still a way off. Generally, a second is nothing. On the race track a second is like the average persons five. We know what it takes to gain or drop a second.                                     It is that elusive perfect lap!

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Our wish for 2014, safe and fun racing for all!

Greetings, see you track side!