Fossa makes an appearance at Bolt Stop ….

On Friday, 26 October Bolt Stop had their charity drive day. Out of gratefulness for their assistance we delivered a Fossa!

Hein applying some Mr Min Lavender to Fossa

Hein advised that in our absence there has been a lot of speculation about the engine powering Fossa, even a rotary. Well here is the specs of Fossa.

Engine: 1600 Kent (To our knowledge as her engine has not yet been opened by us) Double valve springs. Two cam shaft stickers indicate a possible off-standard cam.

Carburetor: 36DCD Weber

Gearbox: 105E

Differential: 105E

Weight: 849 Kg

Fossa being made presentable

Tomorrow Fossa will be attending the Classic Car Show hosted at NASREC.

Fossa’s planned outings for the rest of the year,  Race @ Zwartkops Raceway – 3 November, Practice @ Zwartkops Raceway – 11 November and Practice @ Zwartkops Raceway – 9 December. It has been a hectic few weeks.