Motor Racing – “Just photographs of my dreams”

Hi, and there we go again …. Post a leak down test done by John Ten Doeschate with good results, we take Fossa to Zwartkops Raceway for a trackday on 1 October implementing John’s advise. Just a slight modification seem to reduce the oil being moved to Fossa’s catch tank.

We complete a few successful stints and use the opportunity to experiment with some Weber configurations. We have a visitor, Victor Peachy, not someone without a share of historic racing in his past. Unfortunately his circumstances had him give up the sport. After a chat about our carburettor configurations and our calculations that 32mm choke tubes should be ideal for Fossa, Victor advises he have some spare. In the afternoon we decide to take one final short stint as we did not have any extra fuel. It will be a three lapper.

Starting Fossa, she sounds good. Annalie feels the semi’s, they still have some heat. My mind says, out lap, qualifying lap and in lap. With the heat already in her tires, even our out lap is a hot lap, lap two, find a sweet spot in that seat, I am really testing Fossa’s physical setup. Flying past the start – finish line I am sure we would just have broken class. The Roach have been monitoring Race Chrono and once again the application fails. The figures suggested by him confirms my thoughts. We will have to wait for another day.

That last three laps experience and that “sweet spot” in the seat lets me research seating positions as racing Fossa is definitely no comfort ride. And then there is that distributor “fine” tuning I have wanted to do for the past five years ….. Lets just say, the past two weekends have been no rest!

Well, Fossa has been entered into the Historic Tour Redstar Raceway event on the 28th of October. Yet another test …… Can all this be real ….

Motor Racing – “Just photographs of my dreams”