The challenge continues …….

A lot of water have gone under the bridge since our 2016 Passion for Speed exit from race two …

For a week Fossa’s engine is started often and her oil pressure is stable with a very smooth sound even at rpm’s.

Fossa’s engine and gearbox removed, inspections follow.

Engine: Her oil is drained finding no bearing glitter, her oil filter is removed and dissected, no glitter, her sump is dropped and inspected, no glitter. We thin the engine oil with thinners and filter it using coffee filters, an extremely time consuming procedure. Other than dirtying the filters no other material is found. This verifies the her bearings should still be in good condition.

This still leaves the question, why the pressure drop during race. Once again, research galore. Did the oil fail under the heat of the day? It is one option we have to pursue.

I try and make contact with a friend at a certain orange oil company for some answers. No luck. I contact the same company telephonically, sent from this person to that, to that to that ……. Almost a half an hour later I am asked from which company I am calling, I verify it is not a company ….. I am then informed I have to speak to ….. and am promptly cut off.

Oils are an issue that is not discussed with friend or foe as opinions are extreme. These opinions cause a lot of lost time and brain work refining. In the past we have had excellent results with semi and full synthetics, marking drained cans for reuse in our road car. Still on a search for answers and frankly a bit annoyed at my previous experience I have heard of an oil that some have raved about. That oil is a Total product and my next attempt is Total. The assistance is professional with a understanding for our “non-company” situation. I am sent some requested data sheets and given contact details for a representative. Later the afternoon the contact meets us and we are the owners of 20 liters well priced Total Quartz 7000! Now that is how things are done!

Everything cleaned the sump goes back, new filter and our Total Quartz 7000.

Gearbox: Doing a partial disassembly we find the selector fork doing duty in third and fourth with some wear. A replacement from a donor gearbox show a deeper engaging and is fitted, hoping for a quick fix.

Fossa is reassembled and with hopes of an appearance at the Redstar Raceway taken around the block. First attempt at running in fourth immediately fails. No quick fix, gearbox out and complete strip down. We find a little bit of wear on the selector. All parts are cleaned, all bearings packed with grease, seals replaced, do a small modification on the three / four rod and reassemble. Testing at road speed shows improvement and I can’t get her to jump out of fourth.

Out of the blue we are contacted by a Total Lubricants Technical Advisor, Petrus. We have had some communications and further developments will be announced as they develop.

It is too late for an entry in the upcoming race and that in an untested car. We decide to attend a Super Traxday at Zwartkops Raceway. Her gearbox immediately proves cured and her engine delivers what is asked until on lap two “The Roach” frantically points to the oil pressure gauge. Up and down like the Rand Dollar exchange rate followed soon by some dreaded bearing noise.

We will soon remove her engine for further investigation into what caused the failure. It is almost as if the rotor on the oil pump releases from it’s shaft or some pressure relief valve failure. Considering that it is the AX block there is no release to sump passage …. Firstly I have to sort and clean her “workshop” area as the constant repair on repair have not left any time for that or for a break either …..

With a lot of luck Fossa will attend the next scheduled race at Zwartkops Raceway on the 9th of April ……

Cheers 😉