All Fossa’s specifications

Engine: 681 1600 Kent 40″ oversize

290° Camshaft

Over size valves

Double valve springs.

Head ported

Lubrication: Oil pump standard

Cooling: Larger copper radiator, standard steel fan and add-on electric fan controlled from the cabin

Carburetor: 38DGAS Weber

Gearbox: 105E, Standard ratio

Differential: 4.444:1 with a Quaife ATB LSD (3.777 : 1  Destroyed during final race 2013)

Weight: 849 Kg, Approx 100Kg over weight

Suspension, Front: McPherson Strut Cartridge (Possibly Corsair)

Rear: Telescopic with blades

Brakes, Front: Disk brakes, dual pot, unventilated disk fitted with EBC Yellow Stuff

Rear: Drums, larger diameter than standard

Fuel tank: Standard 32 liter

Fuel pump: Dual Facet parallel electric pumps