Super TraxDay? What is it?

With the final Super TraxDay of 2012 coming up on the 9th of December and our mentioning of Super TraxDay on the site. What does that mean?

Super TraxDay’s are hosted by the Zwartkops Raceway.

1. You pay R380 per driver and R60 per passenger (Pricing 2012)

2. All newbies are called to the clerk of the course office

3. You are instructed to follow a car around the track to get an idea of the race lines. This takes place over four laps.

4. All participants are called to the clerk of the course office. The rules are explained. In short ….

a) You may only overtake in one of the three straights. No passing in the corners.

b) No tailgating,  No slip streaming, YOU DO NOT KNOW the person in front of you and you might struggle to convince your insurance company to pay.

c) Keep your racing line, the faster cars can pass IN THE STRAIGHTS!

They have two pro’s which you can ask to assist. They take your car for four laps with you as passenger and then it is your turn.

You stick to the rules and you have fun. You do not stick to the rules, you go HOME.

You are then divided into classes. Class A – Cars with an engine capacity of 2000cc and up, class B – engine capacity of less than 2000cc and class C – racing cars. As a newbie you will be placed with class B immaterial of engine size or type of car.

Each “Class” gets twenty minutes in the hour. Activities start after nine am and lasts to about four pm with a lunch break for the marshals in between.

A Super Way To Test Your New Company Car!

Due to the events taking place on Sundays, noise levels are limited. Something I do not understand. There is a race track. Zwartkops Raceway and the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. And then they go and build residential area’s within ear shot? Airports DITTO. Coal fueled power stations, DITTO.

EVEN WORSE, you know there is a race track, yet you buy, ……… and then you complain. Do you get different levels of stupid?


Suicide Ride, Zwartkops Raceway, 17 November 2012

Same start. At our post pre six o’clock minus “The Roach” who had to attend a work related function later in the day. The first Springbok Series event for 2012. Fossa is not entered but makes a “Cameo appearance” Fossa has been invited to provide a lucky person with a “suicide ride”. The lucky person to select Fossa is Mari Ducasse.

Lets first define “suicide ride” for those who have not catch-ed on. We most definitely are not in the game of intentionally destroying our precious cars and cargo. The Historic Tour needs more supporters, not less. These rides are intended to give a member of the public a trip around a track to possibly create a future supporter and spectator.

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Mari is involved in motorsport in the form of rallying. Mari’s own words,

When I first hear that I’d been the “lucky” winner of a suicide ride, I was quite sceptic, especially when numerous cars had to be towed off the track after hitting barriers on that day. But when I saw Fossa, I knew that I would be safe and that this was a match made in motorsport-heaven.

The engine sounded amazing, it was music to any motorsprt enthusiast’s ears. I never thought that a “little old Ford” could sound that great. After taking a peek underneath the hood, I really couldn’t wait to get on the track.

Helmet on, strapped in tight, the ride of my life was about to start. It was smooth sailing right from the word go and the 3 laps sped by at the speed of light. Perfect handling, acceleration and cornering, both the car and the driver excelled on the track.

I wished the ride would never end, but unfortunately, as all good things do, it had to come to an end. You’ve never really experienced racing if you haven’t been in an Anglia, that I can assure you of!!

As a passionate rally co-driver, I was never really bothered with Historic Motor Racing. These three laps certainly changed my mind. The Fossa gave Historic’s a special place in my heart that make me want more and more of it!

The car and the team made an incredible first impression and I would love to support them in the future. Chris is certainly one of the best and kindest drivers that I have ever met. It was great having Annalie around, as there was always laughs, photos and help readily available.

The mission is accomplished, I am a converted “fan” and have memories that I can cherish forever.

A huge thank you for making this experience so special. Even if I try, I still cannot explain how much I truly enjoyed it.

If this really was a suicide ride, then at least I would have died happy!”

Our outing is slightly delaying due to two cars involved in a heavy accident just after the first corner. The time comes, and guess who is the first out on the track, Fossa! It is sweltering hot. We do not know how this will influence Fossa’s road holding. We have a very short time to find out and it is favorable. With some decent grip, to treaded tires standards, we are on our mission, to convert a rally participant!

As promised Fossa soon starts making some high revving tire noises. Mari is sitting making a video to remind her of her trip in Fossa. On our hot lap we run a reasonable 1:40.23.

Mari is given a small reminder of her trip including a “Fan Drive”. We do trust Fossa and historic racing has gain another fan. Mari, thanks for being a good sport!

Some pics thanks to Annalie, our Tea-m Manager!

“Edit” And video by Mari here

Mari Ducasse getting settled in Fossa


Fossa lined up with the other participants, a Porshe and a Cobra


Mari Ducasse sending a "final" message?


Mari, me and Fossa


And we are away ....................


Fossa doing a little leaning for our guest


Mari waving on pit lane entry, another Survivor!

Next planned outing, Traxday, Zwartkops Raceway, 9 December 2012




TraxDay, Zwartkops Raceway, 11 November 2012

Goodness, what a day yet again. Where to start!

05:30 Zwartkops Raceway, unhitch Fossa, everything unpacked and in their places and a hot cup of coffee by 06:00. Final checks at our leisure.

More participants arrive. It looks like a full house, especially the race cars.

Fossa on corner two

We did 36 laps with a best lap of 1:37.59. A slight but still a better time than our previous best. We also had our first spin where a courteous car left some oil on corner two.

Fossa entering corner eight

I drive as clever and as hard as I can. Chris “Roach” sits in the passenger seat with his legs crossed. It is almost freaky. Fossa is a truly phenomenal car. She has been driven on her limits for incredibly long times and she keeps on giving.

It is impossible to describe the feelings, emotions, sounds, smells, motions ………. If you want to experience it, climb into a race car. Entering our pit we could still smell the tires and it is almost impossible to touch them.

Thanks Fossa!

One video of the day can be found here. More posted on YouTube to follow soon.