Repairs done, Redstar Raceway, 10 March 2018

Repairs and improvements done to Fossa Ford Anglia’s wiring and Redstar Raceway, 10 March is a go. It is the first round of the Historic Tour for the year. The team arrive trackside shortly after six. Final checks and prep followed by a cup of coffee.

08H10, Qualifying. To us a “new” track as we will be racing anti-clockwise. We only manage a 2:50.?.

We have visitors again. Annalie’s sister and brother pops in. Drivers briefing and the mental preparation for race one begins.

10:45, Race one. Pre ‘66 Legends, pre ‘66 Sports & GT, pre’90 Sports GT all in one race. Only sixteen entries received for the Pre66 and Little Giants of which one withdrawal by our previous challenger, Mark Van Rooyen and Clive Winterstein have a broken clutch cable. The pre ’90 Sports & GT cars entered eight wicked Porsche 911’s. We pull away with the Kelly/ Botha MG ahead of us. Fossa Ford Anglia does not feel on song, but initially manage to catch the MG just to be caught soon after and the MG disappearing in the distance and I have no answer for their sudden speed. Last year at the same venue I knew it was imminent. It becomes rather lonesome race and I start experimenting turns. I manage to change the bouncing in some corners to a slide of the rear. Redstar raceway have us running in third gear most of the time and I do not have the gear for corner eight, two being to low and three like a standing start. The engine running 5500 to 7000rpm’s. The Porsche’s catch up and overtake, followed by the Shelby Mustang, Chev Nova and Chev Bel Air. Somehow I lose track of laps done and if the leaders passed me once or twice, crossing the start finish line I catch a glimpse of the chequered flag and “assume” my race is done. I miss one lap! Best lap time, 2:50.? again. We disable one of the fuel pumps as I have the suspicion we are flooding the sidedrafts.

14:15, Race two. We are minus the Kelly/ Botha MG as they have fried their engine in another race. It is another lonely race. I start to get a feel for the track in this direction and we net a 2:43.? cutting seven seconds. Still not where I’d like to be but an improvement.

A well prepared event with the venue being it’s normal clean self.

We really need greater support in the pre66 classes so that we can fill a grid. Adding the Pre90 Sports & GT cars have a incredible speed differential. Should two or more Little Giants cars be in a race with each other and they are are blue flagged it will interfere in what could be spectacular racing.

Our next race should everything go to plan, 7 April, Historic Tour round two at Zwartkops Raceway. Cheers.