Progress report …….

Early April with my own set “target” in mind, 19 April, Super Trax Day ……

Engine: Our Anglia’s engine has finally been assembled. Once again I will call it an experimental using our AX block as the base. We had to do a lot of repairs on the block due to engine mount and engine to gearbox points stripped and broken because some people should not be allowed to touch tools. An interesting observation, the oil pump fits over a space that has one less hole than our other blocks, it does not have the hole to accommodate excess oil back to the sump. Point to remember on future builds. Stripping Gary’s old engine has provided more questions and some of the lessons learned and spares from that engine have been used. Not to be criticized, these will be kept a secret until and if success can be proven. We have opted for the “unlucky” HPHV oil pump due to the “experimental” side of the decision.

Carburettors: As previously stated we decided to implement the 40 DCOE Weber carbs given to us by Philip Pritchard. Due to mismatched jets and chokes research leads me to Johan Coetzee, a historical Escort legend in his own rights. A few days and bucks later we collect our carbs. Another point of controversy, the inlet manifold to be used. Make one from exhaust pipe, used a short one, use a long one ……. Well done to those that said, use the long one! The long manifold allows for fitment to our Anglia without body modifications. Either choice however needs changes to the braking system.

Brakes: This is currently our challenge at hand. Initially we looked at moving the master cylinders of the brakes and clutch to the front of the engine bay. Firstly, this would mean air flow obstruction to the carbs and secondly it would hamper access to the distributor. A visit to a brake shop had us acquire three master cylinders, step one to our bias based home built pedal box. Due to their obvious strength and look I will be using the original pedals. With the old “pedal box” removed and stripped I compile a parts list. A piece of sheet metal, a new shaft and some spacers. The sheet metal, arranged and never arrives. The shaft and spacers, handed to an engineering company finding the owner on the job of making the shaft at collection time. It is very obvious he has no clue how to setup a piece in the lathe or how to set up the lathe. I stand there struggling not to shake my head. Being desperate I leave without any spacers and a tapered and stepped undersized shaft with a surface finish to destroy the brass bushes in the pedals.  At home I manage to polish the surface to some level of acceptability and start reaming out nuts to be used as spacers …….. Later today, now 03:00am, I plan to attempt the box using some aluminium sheeting we have in stock.

Baby steps …….              Cheers