Some news leading up to our 11 October race

With one and a half weeks to go, I checked the float in Fossa’s Weber to find one of the floats broken off yet again. Luckily in buying a spare carburettor for our Cortina we have a spare float and it has been fitted. Fossa has passed her start test starting first time. Coming weekend some new oil and filters, the normal pre race checks and a wash.

Fossa exiting corner eight at Zwartkops

Fossa Ford Anglia exiting corner eight at Zwartkops Raceway

The cars entered in the Little Giants for 11 October in RED and their classes, the cars in black, possible entries. This is as at 11:20, 01/10/2014.


1959 GSM Dart, 1960 Austin Healey Sprite, 1959 MG MGA, 1968 MG MGB.1964 MGB Roadster, 1964 MG MGB, 1957 D-Type Jaguar, 1960 GSM Dart

Class G

1968 MG MGB, 1964 MG MGB, 1957 Porsche 356, 1957 Alfa Spyder

Class U

1958 Austin A35, 1960 BMW 700, 1961 DKW F11 Junior, 1962 Ford Anglia

Class V

1964 Renault R10, 1965 Mini Cooper S, 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S, 1965 Alfa GT Junior, 1964 Ford Cortina, 1966 Renault R10

Class W

1962 Alfa GT Junior, 1960 Renault Dauphine, 1965 Alfa Giulietta TI

SKF Pre 1966/68 LITTLE Giants Provisional Program,

Qualifying: 07:00

Race 1: 10:10

Race 2: 13:45

Zwartkops Raceway, 11 October 2014, Midas Historic Tour. Trust we will see some of you there!

Form completed, entry paid and we are racing 11 October …..

Howdy …..  been quiet for a while? A lot have happened on the home front. Repaired the destroyed brake pipe and made an aluminium shield to protect the “new” pipe. Then a as yet unidentified new noise in our Cortina’s engine …… purchased a reconditioned engine from Johan’s Auto in Alberton, fitting a challenge in itself, still need to do the fine tuning on the carburettor and the ignition timing …. yes there are other challenges that I deal with and work! And then I still need to bring the original home for dissecting!

Some of the company we kept Speed and Sound 111Sports and Saloons     Photo: Johan Venter

Some of the company we kept Speed and Sound 111Sports and Saloons Photo: Johan Venter


Well, looking outside our kitchen door Fossa stands ready, dusty but ready. Our next race 11 October 2014, Midas Historic Tour, Zwartkops Raceway. Our penultimate 2014 scheduled race with the possibility of only doing one race on the 8th of November we have to make this one count.      SEE YOU THERE !!!