Kyalami Race Track, 19 May 2012, Historic motor racing

My first visit to a race track as an actual apprentice race car!

The last of my stickers was added at about 01H00 in the morning. I heard their alarm go of at 04H00, heard the shower water open and their faces appeared at about 04H30. My big younger sister Cortina was reversed and positioned in the street with a enormous trailer behind her.

Then it was my turn. I was driven out trying to be as quiet as possible and aligned behind the trailer. Hell, that thing was so big I was wondering what was going to park next to me! Then forward and up guided by my young master. That was scary moments!!! At last a relief, I opened my eyes and I was up, hooray!


They then proceeded to tie me down, I could not move.

Fossa tie down

After a scary drive to the Kyalami race track we arrived quite early in the morning.

Arrival at the Kyalami race track

They promptly removed the straps and proceeded removing me from the trailer, yet another scary few minutes. When safely on the ground the days provisions was moved from the Cortina as I was going to be the transport of the day!

Thomas Falkiner was the first to pay me a visit as he arrived and parked a few meters away. Boy, did I attract attention the whole day. Other known visitors included Kevin Taylor, Gary Stacey, Ryan Ludick …… They are all impressed with my good looks if I have to say so myself.

A view from the top

I was summoned to the pits for a “provisional” “Historic Technical Passport” inspection. A few “minor” issues outstanding, but ready in preparations done to date. I felt so proud! This left a smile on my owners faces! It seems their work and planning has paid off!

Back to their photography spot of the day. By the way some of their photo’s can be viewed here and here.

Then the dreaded time arrived of reloading and one of my biggest fears came true! My front wheels was already on the trailer and then the right rear ramp somehow un-hooked from the trailer. Ouch! I fell with my body on the trailer and my left rear shock absorber broke in half.

Luckily there are plenty helping hands around and they promptly lifted me onto the trailer.

The final dismount for the day went without incident as my owners made a plan to tie down the ramps. I am now standing in my privileged parking spot at home, waiting for the next action!


Drool ………

Looking cool


A lot of progress. Maiden voyage, no major problems, some noises to investigate. Biggest “music” is the booster on the exhaust system. Still to fit some trims, door handles and panels, fix dim / bright function ……… but seriously getting there.

The big question, will she be a spectator at Kyalami on Saturday, 19 May?

Sunday Times Racing Day, ………

We were invited to attend the Times Racing “Historic Track Day Experience”.

tuxracing Arrived early as usual, this provided me time for a photo shoot in the pits with our Ford Cortina.

The tuxracing Ford Cortina, sorry to say, still wanting to take this V6 around this track!

At the track, a Mustang, Biscayne, Bel-Air and GT40

The drivers, Thomas Falkiner, Mark Du Toit, Colin Frost, his son and Lee Thompson.

Mark Du Toit & Thomas Falkiner

We were all called together, advised of the planned activities. Our names were drawn from a helmet, Chris “Roach” was drawn first from the tuxracing team to the Ford GT40, next name, Annalie also GT40. I was secretly / openly hoping for the Ford Mustang. Then my name, I was drawn for the ’57 Chevy Bel-Air. No objections. A ride in any one of these fine examples of history is welcome.

We collected helmets and disposable balaclavas, which were really actually hair retainers for mainly food and manufacturing industries.

Every one standing around, some of the hottest cars on the planet and their drivers waiting to entertain. I thought, no way, let me go before they can change their minds! With that I am the first to go in the Bel-Air. My “PILOT” for the flight, Lee Thompson.

Lee Thompson

I enter and some idiot put the steering wheel in the wrong place! I get strapped in. I check out the scenery inside the car. It is pretty bare. Trust the essentials are here. I am much to short to help with the braking, at least the roll cage gives me a fixed point to touch my right foot.

The BIG V8 roars and we are off. There is the Biscayne in front of us.

Chevy Biscayne leading us out on to the track

Onto the track, corner two and shortly after we pass the Biscayne as if it is looking for that proverbial parking, in reverse. Lee does not take _______! The Bel-Air _______ off. Where that incredible traction comes from, who knows, that big Chev is biting into the track. It goes though my mind that Lee may want to prove a point with me wearing Ford attire. The Bel-Air uses the full width of the track. It is incredible to experience that enormous car flying along testing it’s adhesion in every corner.

That is me, Chris Visagie, Pic: Annalie

All to soon we pull into the pits and the ride is over. What a ride! What a driver. I chat to Johnny who is involved from what I understand, in the maintenance of the cars. He informs me that sometimes Lee “is soos ‘n los visstok” (is like a loose fishing rod).

Chris “Roach” is on the track when I returned.

Chris "Roach" on track

His words, “I have never felt so safe in a motor car. Dit was _________ lekker! (It was very very very nice).

Then came Annalie’s turn.

Annalie going out

Annalie on track

Annalie echoes Chris “Roach” comment about the safe feeling. Almost like a slot car. She says she wants one, anybody out there have a spare one?

Some random pic’s of the day ….

To Times Racing and all who offered up their Saturday morning for us, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, this day will never be forgotten!

I do suspect the adrenalin will subside in the next few days.