05/03/2015, One day before the next available race ….

Only one day to go before the next “available” race and our Anglia is still standing with her engine stripped.

A few factors leading to this. The company I work for had their annual stock take, That included a Saturday and a Sunday morning. That was exceptionally taxing on all that took part. And our washing machine decided to conk out, …. The decided replacement required some new piping, what a project. Solder the pipes, turn on the water, spray, close, fix that spray, turn on the water, another spray …… eventually got that sorted to really acceptable levels after about 12 hours labour on my haunches and a nice burn wound. (A little damp and a drop every three minutes in another spot).

The combination of above left us low on power and on bucks. The entry fee at Kyalami also made the decision to not rush assembly. After Kyalami the 7th, the following event is at Dezzi’s 11 April, highly desirable but very far, Kyalami 9 May and then Zwartkops 6 June.

My provisional target is 19 Apr 2015, Super Trax Day at Zwartkops Raceway to enable testing and adjustments.

Coming Saturday we will be track side armed with our camera’s. It is NOT going to be easy not being on the track, brings tears to the eyes.

During our absence we want to make the required changes to facilitate the 40 Weber’s. Can only wonder what that will do in terms of power and performance. And then we also plan to accommodate the promised oil cooler. And all of this on our repaired AX block with some additional goodies. Currently searching for suitable 40″ big end bearings. Litts, no go – Midas, does not even bother to assist – Auto Zone, can get in a few days – Beras, no go – Kotwals, awaiting reply – Alert, awaiting reply …..

Till next time, cheers.