Midas Historic Tour Round 7 …….. Kyalami not a happy hunting ground for the Fossa

On arrival removing the a-frame we managed to also remove the radiator drain plug. What to do? Remove the radiator, solder the drain plug. Test and it works!

Completing fuel starvation challenge

We get Fossa passed by the scrutineer and immediately hop on to the track for qualifying. Three, four corners in, Fossa starts to splutter due to fuel starvation.

We do some repairs and while testing Fossa springs an oil leak! We decide to withdraw from the days events and return to our spectating spot and shoot some action pic’s.

Fossa watching the racing

Less than a week to go, Kyalami, 29 September, Midas Historic Tour Round 7

Less than a week to go to our first racing visit to the Kyalami racetrack for the Midas Historic Tour Round 7. Still quite a lot of water to flow into the sea before then with quite a heavy work week ahead.

Kyalami as on Google Earth

The weather indicators have changed from a rainy day to overcast. Then the highveld weather can be so unpredictable in summer!

Fossa is feeling and sounding better than ever, but still not a contender for a good position on a dry track against those mighty V8’s. Fossa’s driver is also still in need of further skills and confidence!

We are scheduled for qualifying at 07h45, heat one at 10h40 and heat two at 14h45.

See you there!


Midvaal Raceway, 1 September 2012

A day of good fortune for the tuxracing team.

We arrived quite early as is the trend with the team. Looking through our program we discovered that there were only two Execuline Pre ’66 Legend Production Cars entered. Our Fossa Ford Anglia and the Ford Mustang of Franco Scribante. As is the case when entries are small the groups are combined with others and we were included with the Dicktator Pre 77 / Pre 84 Sports & GT and Execuline Pre 66 & 68 Sports & GT totalling a number of 11 cars.

It was clear from the word go that we were going to be the slowest car on the track in our group and with the orange ‘Stang of Franco probably by far the fastest.

This time we started our qualifying at about 10h00. I wanted to go out as soon as possible as I have never driven on the Midvaal Raceway before and wanted to sus it out. In the distance I see the orange ‘Stang join us on the track and wait in anticipation for the roar of the mighty V8 to pull up behind me and pass with force that wants to take Fossa of her wheels. I wait and wait, but it never comes. I surprised myself by getting a feel for it very quickly. I am sure the session at Zwartkops the previous weekend with Thomas Falkiner was paying dividends. Qualifying was nothing spectacular even for Fossa at 1:48.152. I was to learn afterwards that Franco’s ‘Stang came into the pits not sounding happy at all.

While sitting back and relaxing for a while, Hein from BoltStop popped in to say hi and check out the scene. Thanks BoltStop, interest appreciated!

Fossa Ford Anglia @ Midvaal Raceway

Race 1, 12h42. We are down to 9 cars. Pressure on. I start to force Fossa to her absolute limits. All the corners on the track seem quite fast and suited to Fossa’s third gear. In every corner Fossa proves to be little loose in the rear and I feather the accelerator having her lifting her inner rear wheel enough to loose contact. This time around I occasionally hear tires and there is no DKW in our race, the squeal belongs to Fossa’s front wheels. Fronts squealing and rears slipping, corner after corner and once running only 129 km/h down the long straight. We tried the best we could at the time. Having fun and afterwards sweat indicated that I had been working behind the wheel. Best lap time a slightly better 1:44.693.

Fossa Ford Anglia, more action

Race 2, 16:05. We are down to eight cars. Fossa continues with her actions as in race 1. I try different entries into corners as I see some of the other cars do as they come past. I also have in mind the possibility of a short unscheduled endurance race immediately following our race and take it just a touch easier. We manage a best time of 1:45.449.

We return to the pits to find that the endurance race will not be taking place. We retire to the canteen to await the second race results and enjoy something for the thirst. Annalie tells us to look for another sheet which contains the “Overall” results. Guess what, we are on the list. This is truly cool as we realized we could receive our first trophy.

Prize giving starts and then my name is called. We receive 1st prize for Pre 66 Legends Production Cars Class W and another surprise, 1st Pre 66 Legends Production Cars Overall. The first I can believe we can repeat, but the second …… maybe if the track on the day is so flooded that a speed boat is a better option than a car and we are still running road tires,  ……….. maybe!

tuxracing the team, photo by Kevin Taylor. From the left, Lionel Da Silva, Michelle Groenewald, Annalie Visagie, Me and Chris "Roach" Visagie. THANKS TEAM!

Fossa still needs attention in certain aspects, I doubt that will ever end having Fossa as a race car!

Next race meeting we would like to attend, Kyalami, 29 September 2012.

Time will tell …..