Zwartkops Raceway, Super Trax Day 06 December 2015

Firstly, Redstar Raceway, 28 November. With Kyalami still in spectacular revamp mode, the final Midas Historic Racing event for the year is diverted to a race track originally designed for bikes. With Fossa not ready for action and probable future races we decide to go and check out the track. We are pleasantly surprised with the tidiness of the facilities and speaking to some of the participants the track is extremely challenging with lots of “farming” stories.


Back to Zwartkops Raceway …. we completed the outstanding issues on Fossa and use last track day of the year to go and test our labours of the last few months.

Participants arrive slowly initially and then suddenly it turns to probably the biggest attendance track day we have been a part of. With the quantity of race cars present it looks like a race day! The COC makes a wise decision to split the group into five including two race car sessions.

The engine feels a little lazy with the BCF3, still prefer the 244 profile.The brakes still debatable and not quite where I would like them, something I can pay attention to and I may even be able to get used to it. Our best lap time 1:40.88, fourteen seconds off our best to date …… There is a unusual vibration from Fossa’s engine which can be due to the more rigid home cast engine mounts …

Fossa in test mode

Fossa in test mode

And then a sudden rain storm, but not from the heavens, following a rapid increase of engine temperature, water from Fossa’s radiator … We immediately pull of the track and post session return to the pits. We find no oil and water and mixed in either engine or radiator. We check for bubbles in the water while running at varying rpm’s, none found. Confirming her ignition timing at rpm, suddenly sparks from inside the bell housing. Some trackside checks show the flywheel running out of true.

Seeing as those bolts are treated with Loctite and torqued …. I am a bit confused. At least I know where that vibration was coming from. That was the end of our testing.


And then ….. an invite by Gerdus to join him on a joyride in a “Lotus 7”. What a difference to a “normal” car. The car is set up to the nearest millimeter. The seven is launched out of pit lane with such speed that would have had Fossa in the wall. Corner two flies in and is gone before it was there, time travel is real! The traction achieved is as if the car was born with hot tires. All corners deliver a slight complaint from the Dunlop’s. All too soon the stint behind that Rocam is over. Words to describe the stint? Some not suitable for young eyes!

Gerdus Smit my pilot in the Lotus 7

Gerdus Smit my pilot in the Lotus 7

Should you have the opportunity to go for a ride in one of these time machines in the hands of a skilled driver, GRAB IT!


And then some sad news, today Gerhard Lottering passed away. Gerhard always zipping up and down Zwartkops Raceway’s pit roads on his scooter, always a smile and a word of advise. Thanks Gerhard, RIP!

Gerhard Lottering

Gerhard Lottering


I trust Fossa will be ready by end January 2016 for Passion of Speed …. I have two other Anglia’s to spray paint …. Let’s see what time allows, biggest challenge, the place to test Fossa to limit ….