Super Trax Day, “HTP” and Prize Giving …….

26 January. We head for Zwartkops leaving a little later and our first time avoiding the dreaded robbery called etolls. We arrive at about 06h15. Get Fossa dismounted, everything unpacked and in their place. It is going to be a busy day …… Ya, right ….

Shane Venter and “family” arrived for support.

First slot available we head out on track. The new diff ratio makes a BIG difference with regards to gear changes, I can do with more practice use it optimally. Unfortunately the Racechrono app on my phone did not play ball. I have no record of top speed or lap times. Based on the course times taken from our GoPro footage, my times are +/- 3seconds higher …..

The new tires seem to fold in under Fossa which does not instill trust. Will up the pressure …… Would have on a next stint, but Fossa started making a new noise, louder and louder …… Her recently heat-wrapped exhaust branch in an attempt to reduce heat in the engine bay had broken clean off! That wrap did make a difference. It also was the downfall of the branch. The contained heat destroyed it! And to top it, it looks crystalised.

Broken exhaust branch

Broken exhaust branch


With that behind us it is time for Legends of the 9 Hour 2013 prize giving. I walk up to the ZOC club house, wondering about the damage to the branch …. we have a race next weekend. We find Brian, he does however not have his rubber stamp with him and Fossa’s HTP document is not “certified”.  Prize giving starts, my mind busy stripping the branch from Fossa trying to picture the damage. I am called, first place class U. I return to our table and can not help working on Fossa .. in my mind when Annalie utters a “HUH”. Not a characteristic of Annalie this draws me back to the present. Annalie tells me I have been called again …… what, why, how ……

Prizes, yip the plural

Prizes, yip the plural

We receive a 2nd prize over all for the Pre66 Little Giants! A real surprise!

Soon after I drift away and am working on Fossa again, concerned about the damage…..

Annalie has sourced us a new branch at Wildcat which will be delivered to us tomorrow …… Guess I will be working on Fossa tomorrow evening …. and might have to take her to an exhaust place to join to the remainder of the system on Friday morning which will make us late at the track …..

With a confirmed entry of 340 cars, Zwartkops Raceway is the place to be this Saturday! See you there!

The Queens Wheels Will Not Excite You ……

 But this sure WILL!!!

The Legends of the Nine Hour entries confirmed as at sometime 21 January ….

1966 Alfa GT, 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1965 Smokey  Yunick Chevelle, 1966 Ford Mustang, 1966 Ford Galaxie Yellow Banana, 1965 Ford Mustang GT350, 1965 Ford Galaxie, 1957 Plymouth Fury, 1957 Chev Bel-Air (Black Widow), 1960 Chev Studebaker Lark, 1964 Chev Nova, 1963 Jaguar MKII, 1964 Lotus Cortina, 1964 Ford Fairlane, 1964 Ford Thunderbolt, 1963 Ford Galaxie, 1960 Studebaker Golden Hawk ……….. and more to follow ….

And then the Little Giants entered so far ……

1958 Austin A35, 1963 Ford Anglia, 1957 MG Magnette, 1963 GSM Dart, 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia, 1960 Austin Healey Sprite, 1960 BMW 700, 1965 Alfa Guilia, 1968 MG MGB, 1959 MG MGA Twincam, 1960 Renault Dauphine, 1963 Ford Vixen, 1962 MBG, 1964 MGB Roadster, 1967 Ford Cortina MK2, 1966 Volvo P1800, 1962 Alfa Romeo Giuletta ti, 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, 1957 Porsche 356, 1957 Alfa Spyder, 1962 Fossa Ford Anglia, 1961 Hillman Imp, 1957 Porsche 356A Coupe …….

And then an update!!!!!

Version three of the provisional 1 February program has us racing at 10h05 and 14h10!

Get Your Tickets Now!!! Come and support your favourite marque and of course, more important, FOSSA FORD ANGLIA!


Piston Ring Club, 19/01/2014

Our “season” has started with an outing to the Piston Ring Club today. The weather did not quite play ball being overcast and with the occasional light to medium rainfall. Despite this the members of the Ford Cortina Fun Club turned up in their numbers.

A slightly nervous outing as I am still getting used to this trailer. Loading Fossa went without a hitch, no pun. We decided to take Fossa off the trailer at the Piston Ring Club so that she can be parked next to her Ford Cortina sister and get a bit more exposure. Not so clever though, we fail to remove the bolt assembly that allows the breakneck trailer to break neck! I reverse Fossa down. At the moment her rear wheels touch ground she touches her chassis onto the trailer which has not tilted back. The soil under Fossa’s wheels does not allow for traction, we can not drive her back up, we can not drive her down. Geore and the guys from The Ford Cortina Fun Club helped resolve the issue by assisting getting Fossa back onto her trailer. Thanks guys!

We received plenty visitors, often asked for event flyers of which we were freshly out ……. Michelle and Lionel popped in for a visit.

Fossa Ford Anglia "posterized" and with some of our banners from our spectating days

Fossa Ford Anglia “posterized” and with some of our banners from our spectating days

Coming weekend we have HTP’s on Saturday and Legends Club prize giving on Sunday. On Saturday there is “open practice” at R380 for four hours track time or Super Trax day on the Sunday for R430 starting at 10h00 as per the Zwartkops Events. We have the prize giving at 12h00 …..

A rock and a hard place …… We would really like to get to the track and run Fossa, in fact we have withdrawal symptoms. I have no idea how Fossa is going to behave with her new diff ratio and narrower tyres! Will it be slip and slide on the corners …. Testing. Do we tow Fossa on Saturday for four hours at the price or on Sunday for that price. Sunday we will be very happy to get two stints slotted ….. Funds are simply not that abundant ….

We realise that the sport as many other is expensive. AND we are exceptionally grateful for the opportunities given. This is still like a post teenage dream come true for me.

I can see the first testing of Fossa will be on the 31st of January which leaves no time for any changes. Exciting, nerve wrecking, choose one. The metro police will not approve of testing on the neighbourhood streets ….. and frankly it is not safe.


We have received a provisional program for the events.

On the 31st of January, first practice session at 07h30, followed by one at 10h10. Our qualifying time will be at 14h50.

On the 1st of February which shows our events as at 08h25 and 10h25. The events for the day kicks off at 07h30 and the final event of the day at 17h55, a total of 26 events.

The three of us all have leave approved for the Friday and Shane Venter will be joining us on both days.  Then we also have the support of the Ford Cortina Fun Club on Saturday. Can we beat our previous best of 17 known supporters on one day?