…. more and Kyalami, 9 May 2015

….. as mentioned in our previous post, yes, Fossa did start with the 40DCOE Webers ….. but apparently only on cylinders three and four. The carbs to cylinders one and two not supplying fuel … Quickly remove and strip the “faulty” carburettor, strip, clean and look for possible blockages, found none … Try again, no difference …

I must comment that our Anglia will sound magnificent with all four throats operating based on the sound of the two. That was not an immediate solution however as we rather prematurely entered for the 9 May race at Kyalami. With the clock ticking we resorted to the re-installation of the trusty 38DGAS and resulting immediate fire on all four cylinders. A few more small things to attend to, we run down the list and have it completed in a few hours. This is followed by two laps around the block. The engine feels nice and powerful. The brakes and clutch acceptable. Just as well, it is the 8th of May.

9 May, the place, Kyalami. Being so busy we did not charge our camera’s batteries or the GoPro’s for that matter. We complete documentation and scrutineering. Qualifying comes up and I head out onto the track. It will be our last event on the “old” Kyalami and at the time I did not realize, my final lap on the track as it is being changed.

Fossa feel brilliant with a lot of power, and the what feels like fuel starvation, then the power is back and then gone …. I complete the lap and return to the pits. Fuel filters and pumps inspected, I try to emulate what I experienced on the track. Suddenly Fossa starts throwing oil out of her filler cap. With permission we move Fossa to the scrutineering area where we can continue tests. Gerdus Smit borrows a compression tester from the Locost Seven racers and the compression test shows up brilliantly.

Several Kent engine specialists pass through and are just as confused as we are ……

A few days later we still have no answers and we are catching up on some well earned rest ….. only starting Fossa every evening for a few minutes …..

Our immediate plans. Shall I say that is on hold for now. This will also provide some needed financial recovery time. Cheers for now.

…. Still awaiting the first start with the side draughts …. and THEN

…… yes I missed my 19 April, Super Trax Day target and with the entries open for the 9 May, Kyalami event we are still sweating it out on the brakes …… Having tendinitis in my arm is not helping either, can say that it seems to be improving until I do something stupid …..

The three pricey master cylinders acquired from Norbrake have diameters too large to suit Fossa’s brakes. Annoying as they were told what brakes were used. This from a place that maintain another historic racing Ford Anglia’s brakes, scary! The shaft mentioned in our previous post is eventually resized by buying our own “micro” lathe. So easy.

Had to modify our Anglia’s old brake masters to suit the pedalbox and remote reservoirs. After several fitting and removing of the pedal box, making new pipes, the brakes feel good on the pedal but the clutch is still quite hard, will only know once we test drive.


2 May 2015. After what feels like a million other challenges, the 40 DCOE Webers are fitted and we had our first start. As it was quite late in the evening, we will only do the setting of ignition timing and the 40’s today with the pre entry into the Kyalami, 9 May in the back of my mind ……

Brake and clutch test also on the to do list today, ……. cheers 😉