Zwartkops Raceway, 07/04/2018, Historic Tour Round 2

Only days after our last race at Redstar Raceway it appears it was our absolute last race at the track. Pity, I have my own thoughts which will remain exactly that. How many close by MSA approved tracks remain. Zwartkops Raceway, our awesome home track. Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, a very challenging track, never hosting a Grand Prix since it’s upgrade, very expensive to rent. The only other track in easy reach, Midvaal Raceway, raced the track twice and racing stopped due to surface condition …..


It’s three days before the planned day to take Fossa Ford Anglia to Zwartkops Raceway for our next race. Everything ready excluding her wash, or that’s what I thought …. Not wanting to leave anything to the last day, I start the washing process just to discover brown spots all over her body like some sort of rash!

I can not take her racing looking like she has chicken pox. What caused it I can only think. I grab what I have available and start looking at solutions. It looks like rust and have penetrated the paint. On hand I have some rather expensive cleaning and polishing products. Even this seems to be no quick solution. I start experimenting with my spray paint finishing products. Sand her down with 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 grit. Then some cutting polish and only then the expensive products in “sequence”. The plan was to take Fossa track side on Friday, but I only manage to complete her late on the day. Attempting to start her, the 38DGAS has decided to flood her, no time and power left for a carburettor rebuild, we fit the 36DCD.

Saturday morning we head out to the track. On arrival we find insufficient space allocated for the Pre66 Little Giants. I get permission to park behind some of the Zwartkops Raceway machines. 07:00, We head out to qualify with the shiniest car at the venue. Our first race with the 36DCD in a while and the power goes down so smoothly we achieve a 01:28.06.

Race one, At about 10:00 we head out. We are followed by the Alfa of Jaco Taylor snr. Soon Jaco’s Alfa proves too much for Fossa and we are racing solo. Fossa’s brake pedal feels very hard without her normal braking making the racing very exciting using the engine and gearbox to assist in the slowing. 01:27.63

Fossa Ford Anglia, the shiniest car on track

Fossa Ford Anglia, the shiniest car on track using all available space

Race two, somewhere after 14:20. This is going to to be another interesting event. It has been decided to throw all the Pre66 events together. Pre66 Legends, the U2’s and the Little giants. The race is extended with an extra lap as it is a known fact we will be lapped by the big dogs. And then there are a few non finishers of the first race starting behind us. The lights change and the rolling thunder V8’s lead us off. I soon find myself having solo fun. All until firstly the mighty V8’s pass followed shortly by the faster of the U2’s. Running alone gives opportunities to test limits and I have Fossa screaming tires for longer. The smooth power transition offered by the 36DCD and the lack of our normal braking power, all things to get used to. 01:27.22.

Annalie have ordered a new billet 244 camshaft which we should have fitted and ready by our next race 9 June at Zwartkops Raceway. Would love to do a test  track day …