Only two more days before testing and qualifying ….

and the day after, 2013 first race!

And Fossa has yet another addition!

Fossa fitted with a Weber 38DGAS

Strange to go straight into a race with a untested part, but a little extra power will help a lot in achieving our initial goal of trying to finish a race without being lapped by the other “Little Giants”. Initial road tests feel fine.



Less than two weeks to our first race of 2013 …..

and less than three weeks tour second race of 2013! Hectic!

The event programs for 1 & 2 February and 8 & 9 February are available!

Yesterday saw us working very hard on Fossa again. Not a problem, we improve on Fossa as and when parts and funds allow.

A manifold provided by a friend from our last TraxDay

It took a lot of time to prepare and match the inlet manifold to Fossa, but at last fitted.

We took her around the block for a short test and she does feel different in a better way. Do not know if this only the mind playing tricks, but that is how it felt.


And then today, Fossa looked in at a wet Piston Ring Club.

Fossa at the Piston Ring Club

Fossa showed off dressed in her semi slicks and chatting through her short exhaust pipe!


Sure, a lot of water still to enter the sea before our first race day in 2013 and planning yet more upgrades within reason on Fossa before then. But the short and the sweet, our program as made available:

Friday, 01/02/2013, early morning,

08:00 Untimed practice

14:55 Little Giants qualifying

Saturday, 02/02/2013,

08:05 Race one

10:45 Race two

Friday, 08/02/2013, very interesting, in the mix with the V8’s, super Alfa’s etc.

08:00 Untimed practice

14:55 Little Giants qualifying with the BIG DOGS

Saturday, 02/02/2013,

11:20 Race one with the BIG DOGS

15:45 Race two with the BIG DOGS

We will keep you up to date with any further progress on Fossa. Trust we will see you at the track!




Hello 2013 >>>>> Super TraxDay, 13 January

Zwartkops Raceway, 13 January 2013, Super TraxDay, 05H45.

A unique day in many ways. Fossa making her first track appearance with no branding on her bonnet or boot!

Fitting "Organ pipe"

We had a new freeflow exhaust system fitted to Fossa with a difference. Just after the front freeflow box the balance of the system can be removed and, what I call an organ pipe, a short pipe can be fitted that exit towards the back of the rear door. It sounds brilliant. Db’s are limited at TraxDay and racing events. The proof is in the pudding and we borrowed a proper db meter from Zwartkops, took Fossa to an open area and took a reading. 109.3 Db! This is borderline clearance for races but too high for TraxDays which carry a 93 db limit.

Back down and replace the full system.

Fitting her semi slicks

Following advise being new, we reduced our cold pressure from 250KPa to 230 KPa. Actually, as low as 190 KPa was recommended. On our first outing on her semi slicks during December 2012 the semi’s look quite promising for a long life …… for some or other reason I can see us on road tires again in the future. Even at a claimed “very abrasive” Midvaal Raceway our dated road tires lasted better. We did much reduced laps compared to our December visit and had so much tire degradation that we had to to swop the left front and rear tires. By day end, we have the same wear of the “new” left front! Not happy! Zwartkops Raceway have just received a re coating of the track which gives very good traction even on cold tires. Baffles the mind.

GoPro: First roof mounted GoPro footage can be seen here. Not bad but not without it’s challenges. Battery life, connecting via bluetooth …… frustrating

Next our new “kit”,


and the back

And then yet another first track side experience. On starting Fossa, suddenly smoke started coming from the bonnet as if a cable has overheated. Chris – Roach jumped out, grabbed the small fire extinguisher while I jumped out and opened the bonnet to find the carburetor on fire. A quick spray had the fire out. It appears that the carburetor flooded and dropped some fuel onto the distributor. First obvious damage, the vacuum advance pipe and a paint bubbled bonnet / hood. We do however suspect possible damage to her plug leads as she started misfiring afterwards.

Leaning tower of Fossa

just in case you missed it, a repeat of the leaning tower of Fossa

The ultimate purpose of the day, test the exhaust system and see if we can improve on our times. No success there, coming in with an approximate average of 1:37 and a best of 1:35.15 on our penultimate lap.

The immediate future? Been a hectic day. Maybe Piston Ring Club – 20 January. Tired today and some repairs to do, see what the time and funding allows. Then the international events the first two weekends of February ……..