Zwartkops raceway, Winter Trophy 09/06/2018

Annalie and me head out to Zwartkops Raceway on Friday morning. Our brand new 244 profile camshaft fitted, positive expectations.

Documentation and scrutineering completed and two practice stints remaining, we head out. Fossa feels good, it’s just as if she is being held back. We achieve a best lap of 01:27.715, a very good start to the weekend. Still the target, our best lap of 01:26.889 set in October 2014.

Post discussion with the other Anglia drivers and against some recommendations I go ahead and change the choke tubes by up-sizing one step. Stint two, Fossa feels even better, now breathing to about 7000 rpm and a new personal best of 1.26.222. We head home with questions of upsizing the choke tubes even further. The plan is to head track side early, do the swop, see what it does during qualifying and making a decision from there.


The Roach opts-out in favour of video games. A young gent Jaco through a Ford Ranger group makes contact and utilize one ticket. Himself an oval track racer from Port Elizabeth, have a lot of idea’s … Well, we arrive track side shortly before 06:00. It is cold, very cold. The decision to upsize the choke tubes freezes right there. The entries from the Little Giants rather shocking with only twelve entries. We are going to race with the BIG V8’s of which there are only six entries.

Qualifying, 08H45. On our 8th lap we run a 1:26.360. Quite acceptable, must be honest on the quest for lap times I was hoping for better.

Race one, 10H54. Starting in position 17 with the two Alfa’s of Jaco (Class B) and Jaco Sr (Class C) Taylor in front of me and the Alfa of Louis Baartman (Class C) following I knew there will be no relaxation. For a short while I see flashes of the following yellow Alfa in my rear view mirror but a lap or so in I only needed to concentrate on the Alfa of Jaco Sr in front of me until the big V8’s come into play. Every corner I catch up to the Alfa, every straight he builds a gap just to have it close at the next corner until the final lap corner four, Jaco Sr’s Alfa rear end starts slipping out and he disappears in a cloud of dust to the inside of the track. I have open track in front of me to the chequered flag and a yet another new personal best of 1:25.116!

Fossa Ford Anglia surrounded by Alfa's

Fossa Ford Anglia surrounded by Alfa’s

Race two, 13H16. This time round we start in 16th position again surrounded by the Alfa’s, one in front and two to the back. Jaco Sr behind the Alfa of Louis, my expectation, Jaco Sr to pass Louis before the end of lap one and a race for the flag. This does however not happen and we are running solo. The V8’s catch up and just after the leading group pass at corner five to six Ben Morgenrood slides off to the inside of the track at corner seven. Two of the V8’s pass as we enter pit straight followed by Ben for the second time just before corner two. We finish with a best lap of 1:26.166.

We manage a first in class. We are doing our best to get Fossa Ford Anglia and myself in a position to get more play mates with the more regular guys and girl being classes A and B. The lower regular entries are make that task bigger. Sure we all have scenario’s which have one miss the odd race, but I do have to wonder why we have such small entries. Is it honestly the economy? Are there so many cars in need of repairs? Is there something happening that I am not aware off? We need competitors to fill the fields and produce more close races throughout all classes. It is more fun for the competitors and have a better chance in an entertainment world were we compete for spectators.

All in all, a nice event, thanks Zwartkops Raceway. Thank you Fossa Ford Anglia, our Tea-m Manager for your support in a beautiful new personal best as a birthday gift, thanks!!!!

As for our immediate future. Fossa Ford Anglia is in good condition and our next race should be 7July at the Midvaal Raceway, Historic Tour Round Four. Only items I would like to do is an oil and filter change, and further experimentation with the side draughts.

Till then, cheers 🙂