2018 … we are here!!

With Passion for Speed less than one week away …..

The Kyalami mystery: Arriving home Fossa was behaving herself perfectly. Completed a leak down test, passed perfectly. No unusual engine noise, test passed. Oil pressure normal, passed.

Zwartkops trackday, we are supposed to do our HTP’s for 2018, but the gent who never pitches ….. With the guys from the Historic Tour doing their HTP’s, a Renault belonging to Phil Webb pulls in next to us. Was awesome to meet after an absence by Phil. Stint one, two / three laps in and Kyalami repeats, sudden loss of power ….. coast back into our spot. Open the 36DCD to find no fuel in the float chamber. The search is on for the cause.  Check fuel pumps, do not seem to pump as they should. Fuel filters checked and swopped despite looking clean …. Track the electrical supply line, one connection looks slightly lose, oh well, fix and go out again.

Fossa Ford Anglia does a perfect ten laps ……… Problem sorted?

Fossa is loaded and we head home, the decision to enter Passion for speed made …..