Fossa, Classic Car Show, NASREC

Unfortunately Fossa will not be attending the Classic Car Show at NASREC on the 3rd of March. Fossa has to be prepared for her race on the 16th of March at the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit. Stocktaking and an injury disrupted our planning.

Would be nice to see you at Kyalami though, a living, moving historic car display!


More pic’s plus ….

Firstly, the immediate future. We are planning to take Fossa to the “Classic Cars” event at NASREC on the 3rd of March and our next race outing to Kyalami on the 16th.

We are constantly learning more and more about historic racing. I will be compiling a “To Do” list to assist future racers and post it in the nearby future.

We have received the following two pictures from Hennie De Beer taken at our recent Zwartkops races. Thanks. We appreciate all the pics of Fossa we can get!

Fossa, Hennie De Beer 1

Fossa, Hennie De Beer 2


And then more pic’s from RacePics the guys taken at Kyalami.

Passion for Speed - 2013, Fossa 2

Passion for Speed - 2013, Fossa 3

Passion for Speed - 2013, Fossa 4

Passion for Speed - 2013, Fossa 5

I drive Fossa to what I “feel” her limits are with regards to cornering, Her leaning over does not instill confidence and I feel this is costing us time on the track. Will have to look at stiffening her up. And starting to source her new radiator and fan tomorrow. Greetings.