The race that would not have been, Midvaal, 15 March …

Fun at the race that would not have been ….

A few factors made our decision not to attend the race at Midvaal despite a being a very happy hunting ground for Fossa at her previous and only race at the track in 2012. With the expenses of acquiring her spares through the roof and the thought of yet again challenging the alternative routes, not using the dreaded e-tol routes. The other was the plan to do her engine over two weekends and would have resulted in being finished today only.

Then a phone call. 6 March. Will our car be ready for Midvaal …? I briefly explain our situation … Can your car be ready for Midvaal …. ? Have the spares ….     Yes, it can ….. Send in your entry form, your entry is paid!!!!!!

7th of March, evening, Annalie, Tea-m Managers birthday …… We start assembling. Torquing the big end bolt have one break before even applying torque, simply just snap quietly. I am actually surprised at the low torque values for the big ends …..  and then to have one shear worries me about their condition. Fitting the flywheel have yet another one snap before applying torque, worry extended ….. The supplied valve stem seals do not stay in position – thought train – should be minor smoke and additional lubrication for the valves at temperature ….

Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday …….  …. .. 17:18 she starts …. without exhaust system. Assembly complete at about 20:00.

We have her idle almost every evening till her temperature starts rising, best we can do for run in.  Friday evening, finishing touches, wash Fossa, pack all our racing goodies …..

Saturday morning, up at just after 03:00. Take the Groen Bliksem and trailer to a local garage followed by Fossa. We had to get fuel and I prefer not to load Fossa in the street, that way noise this early in the morning is limited.

We arrive at Midvaal Raceway as close as dammit to to a swear word, 07:00. Gary Stacey offers a pit spot opposite his Mk1 Cortina. Fossa is parked and unpacked.

The general condition of Midvaal has deteriorated since our last visit in 2012. The pit bays are generally in the same condition. The track surface is patched. often uneven and was not cleaned. As far as spectators are concerned, there is still only one toilet block and apparently at one stage only one toilet was usable in the ladies side. I still like the track design, it gives you a chance to run your car to its limits down the straight and then some nice technical sections. It is going to take a lot of time and an incredible amount of cash to fix and make spectator friendly. I trust this can be done, it would be a pity to lose a great and needed circuit.

Fossa, still leaning a little

Fossa, still leaning a little

There are only two class U entries, Fossa and a BMW. With only twenty odd laps at our previous outing, I quickly find I do not know this track. REMEMBER, we are running Fossa’s engine in. The only way in some of the corners is to throw the car through. And then that straight. Tell me you would not run flat out!  Fossa, for some reason, limits out at 6000rpm. Something that has not happened in a while, we qualify last. We are not even running competition for Clive’s Porsche which we were able to beat at our last two races.

That straight! Listen carefully and you can hear the sonic boom!

That straight! Listen carefully and you can hear the sonic boom!

Race 1 and 2 are pretty much repeats of each other. Overall we better our previous best at the track with eleven seconds. Throwing through the corners and on to that straight. Sorry, but there are no words to describe the experience. Final gear, flat out, at about 5800rpm Fossa makes a strange noise which promptly disappears moving on to that 6000rpm, everything goes quiet, Fossa seem to break free from scientific rules, as if she has broken through the sound barrier and she is set free, then brought back to reality, onto the brakes, and the cycle restarts. And then one lap some where in the middle of your race, your tranquility is shattered by Jono Du Toit with his Chevy Nova! You thought you were moving, you realise what speeds and handling those V8’s are capable of.

Watch Ignition TV for some possible views from within Fossa.

The research and work never stop. Thanks for your continued support!