TraxDay, 14 October 2012, success for the team

The usual early arrival. Not uncommon for the team to arrive at our second home, Zwartkops Raceway finding the rest of the family out.

Found our TraxDay spot. Parked the cars, unpacked and hung our home made Historic Racing banners.

Fossa among friends - Pic: Annalie

Made some tasty steaming coffee, enjoyed that with a muffin, polished Fossa. First historic car to arrive, Gerdus Smit’s Locost.

We entered into the day with a previous best in the 1:41’s and my target although I thought it was steep, to get into the 1:39’s.

A few days earlier I installed an application called RaceChrono on my Android cellphone. A truly magical application.

Out and in laps included we completed 71 laps @ 2.4 Km = 170.4 Km. In our first stint we did a best of 1:43.14.

Thomas Falkiner getting into the hot seat - Pic: Annalie

The in-be-tweener, our friend Thomas Falkiner arrived and took a stint with me in Fossa while Chris “Roach” took a ride with Gerdus. I am sure he missed his Mustang!

In our last stint we ran a 1:38.31 with a good average throughout the stint. A few more seconds needed to become competitive in the Little Giants. Has Fossa got it in her? Do I have it in me?

Cool Fossa - Pic: Annalie

Next stop, Piston Ring Club and Zwartkops, 3 November!

Trax Day, Zwartkops Raceway, 14 October, next test date …

Fossa always come up with some surprises! Found the fuel starvation solution! WILL TEACH ME TO CHECK EVERYTHING IN FUTURE.

Carburetor filter, Clogged

In all my years of using carburetors I have never seen one this dirty. The wet powder was virtually a solid. Exactly what it was, still not sure. Can only suspect rust from the fuel tank. This raises a question of how clean our fuel is. The tank was clean during assembly. Will remove and confirm tank condition in the nearby future while monitoring the filters.

We stripped and reassembled the timing cover with some home made gaskets and a good quality silicone sealer. That has resolved our oil leak experienced at Kyalami.

14 October we will be testing Fossa at the Zwartkops Raceway during Trax Day. Would like to cut of a few seconds from our previous best, tick, tock …….

Still looking for a sponsor that can assist with race entries, fuel and some semi slicks. Dreams